Command Cell Therapy

A Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) therapist works by employing a variety of tools and techniques designed to teach clients to do two things: communicate with their subconscious mind and directly fix the blockages that exist there. This means directly accessing the reasons those blockages exist through hypnosis and transforming limiting thoughts and beliefs about oneself on a profound level. These techniques help produce positive transformative effects on clients known as breakthroughs. One aspect of RTT that thrives on this approach is Cell Command Therapy.

Cell Command Therapy employs the same methods as Rapid Transformation Therapy but does it on a cellular level. This means using hypnosis to mentally command the body’s cells impacted by illness to heal and restore themselves. By directing with the body’s cells, Cell Command Therapy promotes rapid cell regeneration, which is effective on various physical illnesses and other health conditions.

Vickie Barkley is a trained practitioner of RTT who also specializes in Cell Command Therapy. To learn more about how Cell Command Therapy can be used to treat physical health conditions and other existing illnesses, contact Vickie for a discovery call.