SCIO for Athletes

How SCIO for Athletes, as Offered at A Living Well Center in Greensboro, NC Positively Impacts Sports Performance

High school, college, and professional athletes are expected to put up their best performance every time they play for themselves, their teams, their sport, and their fans. Athletes’ playing futures are constantly hanging in the balance. Their physical and mental health, including their mindset and food sensitivities, can affect performance.

Increasing evidence suggests that the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System (SCIO), a type of advanced neuro biofeedback based in quantum science, is helping many elite athletes identify and heal their bodies of stressors, thus allowing them to achieve optimal performance. Below, I’ll provide a brief overview of SCIO, share some recent, successful applications of SCIO for athletes, and discuss any steps you can take to receive this complementary treatment here in Greensboro, NC, at A Living Well Center.

What Is Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System (SCIO)?

The Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System (SCIO) is an energetic medicine system based on quantum physics. This non-invasive alternative or healing medicine approach relies on the use of electrodes applied directly to the skin on a patient’s legs, arms, or head. When connected to specially developed software, these electrodes can identify bodily stressors causing pain, emotional imbalance, and other blockages potentially affecting optimal sports performance.

Recent Successful Uses of SCIO by Athletes

As an athlete yourself or the parent of a teen or college student involved in competitive sports, you’re well aware of the pressures placed on athletes to perform at a high level. These demands often push athletes to their limits, making them vulnerable to chronic injuries and mental anguish, resulting in gastrointestinal issues or headaches and affecting focus or concentration, dietary needs, and other aspects of their lives.

Since many sports associations, such as the Major League Baseball (MLB) or International Olympic Committee (IOC), ban the use of certain performance-enhancing substances, an increasing number of athletes, including amateurs and professionals, have turned to SCIO to improve their health and wellbeing and sports playing.

Some examples of recent SCIO for athletes applications that have been widely reported in the news and scientific studies include:

How SCIO for Athletes Aided the Chinese Olympic Team

One study presented at an IOP Materials Science and Engineering Conference in 2017 cited how the Chinese national team, including athletes, trainers, physicians, and coaches, were using the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System in various ways leading up to the 2022 Beijing Olympics, including:

  • To get competition ready
  • For enhanced performance
  • To minimize injuries
  • Accelerate training
  • Improve post-competition recovery times

When it came to medaling, Team China secured nine gold medals and 15 overall medals at the games, arguably one of its team’s best performances at the winter Olympic games in recent history. So, if SCIO for athletes has anything to do with China’s Olympic performance, then this form of quantum biofeedback therapy is something future Olympic teams (and other competitive sports teams in general) could benefit from integrating into what they also do.

How SCIO for Athletes Impacted an Elite Professional Tennis Player’s On-Court Performance

As another example of how athletes are using SCIO to get competition ready, for improved playing results, and also recovery, there’s the case of the famed professional tennis player Novak Djokovic. He’s spent many weeks as the number one tennis player in the world after winning 21 Grand Slam singles titles during his two decades of professional tennis.

While Djokovic has always been a standout tennis player since he turned pro in 2003, his career trajectory took a notable shift a few years ago after Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System (SCIO) helped him identify his gluten sensitivity. Through his participation in SCIO for athletes, Djokovic was able to eliminate chronic hip discomfort affecting his ability to perform explosive movements. SCIO also significantly reduced his shoulder pain which impacted his serve. SCIO for athletes also greatly improved Djokovic’s propensity to become easily exhausted, often leading to him retiring from matches earlier in his career.

With 85 different applications that the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System can have, Djokovic’s doctor was able to help him in the following ways:

  • Balancing and regulating emotions
  • Improving coordination
  • Repairing muscle injuries
  • Building strength
  • Increasing focus
  • Eliminating the gluten intolerance that was zapping his energy

A review of Djovovic’s playing record since he shared with the public that he underwent SCIO for athletes treatment reveals more consistent wins. This track record supports the value SCIO can have on overall athletic performance.

Why Should I Receive SCIO for Athletes at A Living Well Center?

You’d be amazed at how a single stressor or blockage within our bodies could cause an imbalance, but evidence shows that’s what happens.

The SCIO for athletes treatments I perform are personalized to you and your unique needs. This means that I rely on your anecdotal information and the biofeedback data that the SCIO software generates to know where impediments lie so that I can best treat you and your symptoms.

My experience in using SCIO for athletes here at A Living Well Center in Greensboro, NC is that it works no matter the sport a client plays and that the protocol covers almost any imaginable concern that may afflict my clients. It does so whether you’re experiencing an allergy or chronic fatigue, require muscle repair, or are looking for relief from emotional dysregulation like Djokovic, or you’re using it to bring out the best performance and recover faster, as was the case with the Chinese Olympic team.

Take charge of your physical health and mental well-being and give SCIO for athletes a try to see if it improves longstanding issues that invasive, conventional medical approaches haven’t effectively treated. Feel free to call for a free 15-minute initial consultation to discuss what you’re looking to get out of our work together, so I can help get you on a path to feeling better.