The hypnosis session begins with you in a comfortable place: a safe place for you to enjoy this state of consciousness.

You are always in control.

I am with you as I guide you to your subconscious mind to revisit scenes from your life that are the reason, the root, and the cause of why you have this issue.

You look at these scenes with your adult eyes and give new meaning to them as you begin to understand why these issues have caused you to think, and behave the way you do. It may be something you misunderstood (at age 2-4 which is quite possible), being bullied, or no one stood up for you. It is always something that you felt to be wrong. It could be that your parents did not give you enough love or spoke harsh hurtful words to you.

Whatever the problem is, you will look at the meaning of these issues for you and be upgraded with new helpful supportive beliefs, as you let go of the old beliefs that held you in that pattern of thought. You will receive an audio recording that you listen to for at least 21 days. Your mind learns by repetition and hearing these suggestions will allow you to program yourself with the right habits of thought, and to be able to release the habits of action as you create new habits. Letting go of the hurt is the most powerful.

RTT is so effective that issues can usually be dealt with between 1-3 sessions.

Intake Forms for My Greensboro Energy Healing and Alternative Health Practice

I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to take the next step in your wellness journey. I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to download and complete the A Living Well Center Intake Form above and if you bring it to your first session with me at my Greenboro, NC natural healing office. This is important for all of my clients to complete, irrespective of whether they’re receiving:

Additionally, if you’re planning to receive hypnotherapy in my Greensboro alternative health practice as offered along with Rapid Transformation Technique (RTT), it can be helpful for you to download and complete my A Living Well Center RTT Waiver Form.

Downloading and completing these consent forms for my alternative and energy healing services in advance allows us to spend more time on whole-body treatments during our initial session.