Hypnosis for Exams & Test Anxieties

Everyone who has attended school is all too familiar with feeling nervous prior to an exam which is a normal feeling. Everyone wants to perform well on an exam, and sometimes, a little nervousness can be beneficial for performing well on an exam. When that nervousness translates into paralyzing anxiety, however, it can do more than just cause a student to bomb an exam.

As a form of performance anxiety, exam anxiety has all of the hallmarks associated with the pressure to perform well. A student may actually be a good student in that they actually read their textbooks, take extensive notes, and may even have study groups. A student may actually thoroughly know and understand the material that’s going to be on an exam. Despite all that, however, the student still freezes and draws blanks the moment they’re presented with the exam. Suddenly, everything they know feels like it just flies out the window.

Defined as a psychological condition in which testing environments and situations produce extreme feelings of distress, test anxiety doesn’t just cause students to do poorly on exams. It can also create mental roadblocks that negatively impact learning, which can further flare up symptoms of anxiety when the next exam comes around. Given the devastating effects of test anxiety on a student’s academic performance and future, this is one area where Hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help students not only address the source of their test anxiety, but also nip it at the root so that it doesn’t continue to negatively impact school performance.

This therapy can be used for any test taking.

For treating exam anxiety, an RTT therapist will employ a variety of tools and techniques to teach clients to communicate directly with their subconscious mind and directly remove the blockages that are preventing them from succeeding. This is accomplished through hypnosis, which is also effective at transforming limiting thoughts and beliefs into helpful self-learning tools a client can use more productively.