Hypnotic Gastric Bands / Weight Loss

There isn’t a shortage of reasons people choose to lose weight.. Amongst the health reasons for losing weight include reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, reversing or offsetting Type 2 Diabetes, reducing back and foot pain, relieving arthritis, improving respiratory health, even getting a good night’s sleep. Other reasons for weight loss include achieving fitness goals and even obtaining a desired look.

May clients will visit for weight loss, and other craving and addictions, but it is rarely the weight itself that is the issue. With Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), the root cause of the weight can be identified Erased.

One of the least talked about programs for weight loss is Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy which is an area of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

RTT works by directing clients through hypnosis to communicate directly with their subconscious minds. Doing so not only helps clients identify the root causes of the issues they’re experiencing, but RTT also teaches clients how to remove the mental barriers that are preventing them from living rich, fulfilling lives. Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy uses these same techniques to assist clients with weight loss goals.

Conceptually, Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy works very similarly to actual gastric bands but without the invasive surgical procedure. As a surgical procedure, gastric bands are silicone devices placed on the upper section of the stomach to restrict the amount of food that is stored inside the stomach. This keeps the individual from eating large portions of food by making them feel full faster.

The way Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy applies that same concept without the literal gastric band is by “tricking the brain” into thinking there’s one present. The therapist accomplishes this by instructing the client’s subconscious mind through hypnosis to believe the stomach has “shrunk in size,” which then triggers the same physiological response. Through Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy, the client reaps all of the benefits of the surgical procedure without any of the risks and complications that come with the actual surgery.

Vickie Barkley is a practitioner of RTT who trained directly under Marisa Peer and works with clients in helping them achieve their weight loss goals. To learn more about Hypnotic Gastric Bands therapy, or how RTT can be used to fulfill weight loss goals, contact Vickie for a consultation.