The infertility crisis has been doubling in years so that by 2015 one in 3 couples will need assistance to conceive. In the past women had babies up into their 40’s.  So what is wrong? Most infertile women are diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. That means their reproductive system is fine, they ovulate, and they have good quality eggs, so there is no medical reason for them not to conceive. There are many other factors that can slow down your ability to conceive and you may need some manipulation from your practitioner.

Examining your partner for factors involving poor sperm production, slow swimmers, low production can give you some information to consider. But for both partners, the most important tool for use in conceiving your baby is your mind. No drug in the world can match it.

There are prenatal vitamins and supplements for both of you. But look at infertility as a partnership. Investigate all possibilities, not just the females. Some men have a lower sperm count now than ever. Our food and environmental exposures have caused much of this. Becoming aware of these exposures and correcting them or using supplements can help men regain their function. It is a total body system of checks and balances. Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) can assist the client or clients in their search for fertility.  With the use of the mind, they can identify old beliefs that get in the way of their progress and eliminate it. Each client would be approached separately. Any blocks you may have that you don’t even remember can be discovered and revealed. Then the client can let go of them and be free to be pregnant.

Vickie Barkley is a practitioner of RTT who trained directly under Marisa Peer and works with clients in helping them achieve their infertility goals. To learn more about Hypnosis and Infertility, contact Vickie Barkley for a discovery call.