Stress is a feeling everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime. Characterized by an overwhelming inability to cope with mental or emotional pressures, stress is actually the body’s natural response system to situations perceived as threatening.

During threatening situations, stress can actually be a good thing since it releases a hormone known as cortisol to trigger the body’s natural fight or flight response system. This system is crucial to getting a person out of a dangerous situation quickly. When cortisol is triggered too much and too often, however, that’s when it becomes toxic to the body rather than helpful.

There isn’t a shortage of reasons a person can experience stress from life events to new experiences to unexpected changes and other situations that are beyond that person’s control. While there are different techniques, strategies, and therapies for learning to manage stress better, Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) has a profound way of unleashing clients from the triggers and fears of their emotions. The world has become a stressful place with the Pandemic and War in Ukraine. Many people are afraid to leave their homes due to their anxiety, and fear of an unseen virus. Heart attacks and strokes are up in numbers due to the stress of our situation. You can live in the midst of chaos and find some peace. You have to not listen to the naysayers and listen to your gut. They say the gut is the second brain;

It is one of the last survival instincts. So increased cortisol can activate the gut to think that there is danger much like when a lion is after you. We haven’t had many lions lately but the stress you live with does the same thing. Exercise burns off the cortisol released during fear. So make yourself do something in the house or out daily.

RTT gets you back down into a relaxed state so the lions and tigers are not after you daily.  You can get a break from the stress listening to the recording that you will get for 21 days or more.

To help identify the events and situations that are leaving a client feeling chronically stressed, an RTT therapist instructs the client to communicate directly with their subconscious mind. Once the mental stressors have been identified, the RTT therapist then works with the client to remove those stressful roadblocks from their minds to help them manage their stress better and improve overall health.

Vickie Barkley is a practitioner of RTT who trained directly under Marisa Peer and works with clients to more effectively manage stress and lead healthier, fulfilling lives. To learn more about how RTT can be used in stress management, contact Vickie for a discovery call.